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The Value of Maintaining a Blog for Your Dental Practice

A+ A- The Value of Maintaining a Blog for Your Dental Practice

While social media is a must-have marketing tool for your dental practice, having a blog on your website is almost as important as having a Facebook page. Whether you’re just starting to grow your practice or you’re preparing to sell a dental practice, don’t overlook the important role that a blog can play in your business success.

A blog is an effective way to build relationships with patients and prospective patients, as well as share valuable information and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Here are a few tips to make blogging for your dental practice successful:

  1. Post consistently. You should post a minimum of once a week on your blog. Not only does this help to build relationships with your readers, but it also helps your website search engine rankings. Search engines are always looking for fresh new content and consistently rank websites higher if they provide original content on a regular basis.
  1. Post original content as often as possible. Blog posts don’t have to be elaborate or too time-consuming. You will, however, get the best return for your time invested if you are providing original content.
  1. Share valuable information written for your target audience. Be sure to share the clinical aspects of dentistry as well as new and innovative news, however, do it in a conversational tone that’s easy for the reader to understand. Remember, your audience is composed of patients and prospective patients. Speak in terms that they will understand.

Great content is considered anything that informs and actively engages the reader. That engagement can be in the form of comments or shares on social media. If you’re at a loss for the subject matter of your posts here are a few examples of great post titles for dental practice blogs:

  • Why does my cold give me a toothache?
  • Are there alternatives to a root canal?
  • What to look for in a good mouthwash
  • Dentistry of the future: Silver diamine flouride
  • How many times a day do you really need to brush your teeth?

Adding a blog to your website can offer a great return on your investment and provide you with a way to bring new patients and interested buyers into your practice.

Posted on Oct 12, 2015
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