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For Sellers

Looking to Sell Your Dental Practice?

Our dental broker specialists have been helping dental professionals appraise, list, and sell dental practices since the 1980s. NAPB and its members regularly list and send out newsletters to promote your dental practice listing. Find an NAPB dental broker member to help you appraise, list, and sell your practice today.

  • sell-dental-practice-appraisal.jpgStep 1
    Dental Practice Appraisal

    To begin the process to sell and list your practice, you need to acquire a dental practice valuation. Trust our team of brokers who have written the book on practice appraisals.

    Request an Appraisal
  • sell-dental-practice-listings.jpgStep 2
    Listing Agreement

    Contact a broker near you to set-up and sign a listing agreement to begin listing your practice on this website and others.

    My Local Broker
  • Step 3sell-dental-practice.jpg
    Prepare To Sell

    First, DO NOT disclose your intentions to sell. This can lead to rapid attrition. Next, continue marketing, but refrain from equipment updates. Lastly, have your office and records in order.