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Selling to a DSO

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Selling to a DSO, (Dental Service Organizations ), may be very rewarding as you look for potential buyers to purchase your dental practice. When a DSO is interested in your practice, there are many aspects regarding these sales you need to be aware of as the sale offer should not be your only consideration.

A Win/Win Dental Transition

DSOs are often very aggressive in their pursuits. This may benefit a seller as the sale price will most likely be matched or offered a higher price, especially practices that perform really well. However, terms of a work-back and/or other terms may also be aggressive. In the end, you want to be happy with both the terms of the sale and purchase price of your dental practice sale.

Before you decide to jump on an offer from a DSO it's highly recommended to obtain external opinions, experiences, and consultation. Our dental brokers have dealt with many DSOs over the years and have extensive experience working with and dealing with DSO offers. Selling to a DSO has been rewarding for many of our dental clients. However, we've also met with unhappy dentists due to the final terms and fine print. Contact a dental broker today to help you through a DSO sale to make your practice sale successful.

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