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The Best Images for Your Dental Practice Website

A+ A- The Best Images for Your Dental Practice Website

Whether you’re preparing for a dental transition or just trying to grow your practice, images on your website make a difference. High-quality images have the power to educate patients and give them confidence in your practice’s ability to provide outstanding service. They are also an important part of developing your visual brand. Great images make your site more attractive overall, giving your practice a more professional and polished image.

As you select images for your website, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Only use professional photos and images. Photos used should always be of the highest quality. Save your smartphone photos for your social media pages. Website photos need to be high quality and professional. It’s worth it to hire an experienced photographer to take images of what goes on inside your practice.
  2. Include photos of your practice. Pictures of the reception area, exam areas, and staff allow those viewing your website to feel like they know what to expect before they walk into your practice. This provides patients with an increased sense of comfort and confidence and can be helpful for those patients with dental anxiety.
  3. Include pictures of patients when possible. Try to get pictures of patients and shots of the staff interacting with them. These extra steps provide authenticity, warmth, and character to your website.
  4. Details matter. Emphasize the atmosphere of your office and waiting areas by focusing on the small details. Many people seek out practices that have a more homey feel to them, as opposed to a clinical looking office. Make sure you have some well-placed flowers or plants, reading materials, and nice décor and that these small touches are captured in your images. Do you provide TV’s for the patients to watch while they have procedures done? If so, capture that in your photographs.
  5. Keep stock photos to a minimum. Stock photos are best utilized for images that show diagrams of dental procedures or professional/medical details. When picking stock photos use unique images and avoid those that you see in other dentists marketing material.
  6. Consider a before and after patient photo gallery. These are essentially pictorial testimonials and can boost business. Make sure the photos are all taken in the same place so that the backgrounds are consistent and always the same size. Have the patient smile naturally to show the before and after images best.
  7. Try to get photographs in both horizontal and vertical settings. This allows them to be placed where most needed on the website.

Images are an important element to draw people to your website and  into your practice. If you’re selling a dental practice your website and the images you include can make the difference in attracting potential buyers, as well as new patients.

Posted on Nov 21, 2016
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