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4 Ways to Offer Improved Productivity in Your Dental Practice

A+ A- 4 Ways to Offer Improved Productivity in Your Dental Practice

Whether you have a new practice or are have been settled for years, improving the productivity in your dental practice will increase the practice value.

If you are stuck for fresh ideas to do so, we’ve come up with four simple ways you can increase the output of your practice.

  1. Offer new services

Many dentists fall into the habit of providing the same services for years and years, simply because they are creatures of habit. However, as the demographics of the area in which you work may change, and you may be leaving lots of money on the table simply by not offering certain services.

Don’t hesitate to invest in new equipment, and more importantly in yourself, by learning new skills and adding variety to your practice. You may also find in this process that as you embrace novel challenges, your passion for dentistry is renewed.

  1. Focus on customer service

When it comes to improving your production, one thing that dental practices often miss is the human aspect of their business.

Building rapport ensures mutual trust and respect between you and your patients. A strong connection with patients will allow you to have consistent appointments. It will also limit the number of missed appointments and other operational inefficiencies that can put a strain on your practice.

  1. Hire a treatment coordinator

A treatment coordinator can help your patients understand exactly why they need the services you are offering. Even just a small amount of time spent explaining the value of certain procedures can be the difference between a patient being dissuaded by the cost – the average patient has very little idea as to how much dentistry costs and may be shocked when they see four figures on their dental bills. Educating patients as to the importance of oral hygiene will also ensure that they (and their families) schedule regular visits.

  1. Offer flexible payment options

Often patients won’t commit to your services simply because they can’t afford it. If you are able to offer more flexible payment options this can widen the reach you have over certain demographics, bring in more patients and ultimately, improve production.

Whether you are looking to increase the value of the practice for a sale, or simply get through a difficult period, increasing your production is often a matter of being willing to try new strategies.

Posted on Nov 7, 2016
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