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3 Important Points to Keep In Mind When Rebranding Your Dental Office

A+ A- 3 Important Points to Keep In Mind When Rebranding Your Dental Office

Markets and trends change, and eventually, there comes a time when your dental practice may need to be rebranded.

If you have an established practice, you may just want to update your image. For example, maybe your logo needs a redesign, perhaps you’ve recently purchased a practice, or maybe you have a partner that has moved on. In these scenarios, you may want to let your community know of the changes that have been made to your practice.

Here are 3 important points to keep in mind when rebranding your dental practice.

  1. Invest in a high-quality logo

A modern image can bring you thousands of dollars in revenue in the long term, so it’s not unreasonable to invest in a high-quality logo. It’s important to strive for something that will be iconic and memorable.

To save money there are dozens of websites that offer professional graphic designers at affordable prices – for a crowdsourcing or freelancer networks you can look to something like Coworks. Your logo is the moniker everyone will associate with your business and reputation so consulting with a trusted experienced brand marketing agency first to at least understand your options and take advantage of their associations is most advised.

One option is to have two or three alternative logos and show them to your clients via social media or in-person in the office. Ask them which they prefer and they’ll be happy to be involved in the process.

  1. Recognize the importance of oral health on the rest of the body

The world is slowly but surely becoming more accustomed to the idea of a holistic approach to medicine. Long gone are the days when dental procedures were performed by barbers.

Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene can cause problems with digestion, inflammation, and even brain function. Patients want to know about the systemic impact of their dental health on the rest of their body, so ensure all of your staff are knowledgeable enough to answer any questions they may have.

This also means working with patients to suggest when they should see a physician, should you see signs of potential illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, or sinus issues.

  1. Double check that your branding is consistent in all areas

This seems like something that would be pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many practices fail to make sure this is the case.

It may be a signature at the end of an email, a twitter handle or some old business cards, but typically something is forgotten in the transition. This may not seem like a big deal but can cause a lot of confusion if prospective clients come across a now defunct brand and think that your dental office is under new management or has moved.

Whether you are looking to hold on to your practice for years to come, or potentially sell in the near future, rebranding can bring your dental practice a lot of value.

Posted on May 25, 2015
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