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What Makes an Effective Dental Treatment Coordinator?

A+ A- What Makes an Effective Dental Treatment Coordinator?

A treatment coordinator, whether hired as a primary or secondary role, is employed to ensure that a patient’s cycle of care from diagnosis to treatment runs smoothly.

This includes education, scheduling, and payment, and many dental practices often rush this process. In doing so many are missing out on crucial opportunities to close sales, comfort clients and offer quality service.

Payment shouldn’t be offloaded to a front office staff member when there is a more knowledgeable treatment coordinator available.

Here is what you need to look for if you are considering hiring a dental treatment coordinator:

Someone who is knowledgeable about dentistry

After you, the treatment coordinator is the main figure that will reinforce the professionalism of your dental practice. They should be knowledgeable about dentistry and able to answer any and all questions a patient may have about procedures, general dental health, and industry practices.

Someone who can explain the value of dental treatment

Often when patients initially see the cost of a procedure, they may be a little shocked. Most people are completely unaware of what dentists charge, and if they see upwards of $1000 for a crown, they may not know how to react. A good treatment coordinator will be empathetic and compassionate, and explain things in a clear and simple way.

They will be able to connect on an individual level and are good storytellers who can convey in emotional terms, why it is important to invest in the procedure – which they should do before they show any figures to a patient.

Someone who can motivate and sell

Dealing with large numbers is difficult, you should find someone who doesn’t shy aware from sharing the figures with your clients and is not afraid to ask for a commitment. Ideally, they should have some background in sales.

It’s also important to find someone who is professional and detail-oriented. This means that they know how to communicate any credit card payment plans and are meticulous when it comes to formalizing and signing contracts.

If you are looking to add value to your practice, a professional treatment coordinator is a great place to start. Make sure, if you are looking to hire something, that you consider the above tips and find the best person possible for the role.

Posted on Dec 26, 2016
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