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Organizational Tips to Streamline Your Dental Office

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Want to run your dental practice professionally? Do you want an edge over your competitors? In years gone by, dentists were virtually guaranteed a steady stream of patients coming through their doors. But thanks to the digitization of the marketplace, the dentists who market and operate themselves professionally can very well take all the patients if they want to. Why’s that? Well, they adopt these hacks to streamline their practice management.

Run Your Dental Practice Like a Business

Maybe it sounds obvious, but many dental practice owners run their practices like a service, not a business. And that’s hardly surprising because most dentists go into practice to help people, not make money. Frame your dental practice as a business to help increase your profits.

Invest in Practice Management Software

Technology can work wonders for your practice; in fact, it can become your star employee if it is implemented effectively. Your practice management software needs to integrate with all the other technologies you employ in your office.

Make sure you automate your marketing and billing procedures. When you get very busy, you might forget to send invoices or launch that email marketing campaign. By automating the process, you can ensure that nothing important is forgotten. Remember that your practice needs new patients in order to survive. If your marketing falls flat at any point, it can affect your ability to draw new patients in.

Manage Your Exam Rooms

Clear the clutter out of your exam rooms. Keep pathways clear and easily accessible, and make sure your tools are close-by and easy to access. If you do need more storage, use portable containers that can be moved in and out of the rooms.

Manage Your Cash Flow and Budget

Yes, while it’s important to keep a close eye on your billing, this isn’t the only aspect of cash flow management. Are you using the most cost-effective suppliers? Could you acquire better equipment that minimizes your running costs? Can you manage your inventory more effectively and reduce losses? Remember to frame your dental practice as a business and run it as such.

Monitor Your Inventory Closely

A good inventory management system ensures that you always have stock of the essentials, but it also reduces waste by eliminating non-essential items.

Set up an inventory management process so that your office supplies are kept in an area that is separate from where you keep your medical supplies. Put one staff member in charge of managing the inventory. This creates accountability when one person is responsible for the task.

Posted on May 9, 2016
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