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Marketing to the Anxious Dental Patient

A+ A- Marketing to the Anxious Dental Patient

Fear of the dentist is considered one of the top phobias, along with fears of heights spiders. Patients have dental fears for many reasons, including poor past experiences with other dentists, fear of the equipment used to perform dental procedures or general pain and discomfort around their mouth that may be exacerbated by dental work.

As a dentist, part of your marketing plan needs to include reaching this population of patients. Every day you come across anxious patients in your chair, and typically they find themselves at your practice because they have a dental emergency that cannot be overlooked anymore. It’s your job once you get they’re in your chair to convince them that the being at the dentist’s office isn’t so bad after all. Help them understand that it’s in their best interest to have regular check-ups and cleanings to avoid the emergency dental procedures that are more involved and far more costly.

  1. Patient Reviews: One of the most effective tools for marketing to this population is through patient reviews. In order to get the reviews that you need for your website and social media pages, you want to make sure the process to leave a review by a patient is simple and straightforward. Many patients, especially those that may be fearful of dentists will rely heavily on reviews by others to make their decision on which dentist they will go to when an emergency arises.
  2. Social Media: Use your website and social media to show behind the scenes images and even videos of your dental practice. If you’ve got a patient that doesn’t mind being on your website, do a quick video of them in the chair showing them smiling afterward.
  3. Blogging: Writing articles specifically for the readers that have dental phobias is another great way to market to this population. If you’re taking the time to write blog posts about dental anxiety, they will likely feel that you are sensitive to their needs.
  4. Amenities: If your dental practice has amenities that are designed to help a fearful patient, make sure those features are mentioned in all of your marketing materials. Whether it’s nitrous oxide to sedate, soothing music, or a TV that’s available for patients while they’re in your dental chair, make sure these options are shared. It may just be the one thing that gets the anxious patient to come see you.

Posted on Jul 25, 2016
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