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The Importance of Google Maps and Local Search for Dentists

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Dentistry is a local business. Because of this, your marketing efforts will work best for people who are looking for a service close to where they live. So when it comes to search engine marketing, it is Google Maps local search that will bring your practice a lot of value.

If you are looking at selling your dental practice, you want to make sure you have a solid stream of clients coming in, and the infrastructure to prove that you have a sustainable business model on your hands. This is where internet marketing plays an important role.

When many small businesses think about Google, they worry how their brand could compete with global names. For dentists, coming up on page 1 of Google can have a huge difference on the bottom line of your business.

In fact, according to a TMP study, 82% of local searchers follow up their search with an in-store visit, phone call, or purchase. This shows very clearly how important it is to integrate your online and offline marketing efforts.

Google maps is a mapping software developed by Google and the most popular online mapping service in the world. With satellite imagery and street views, it allows customers to see exactly where your practice is and find the most effective way to get there.

Here are a couple of brief reasons using Google maps and local search is so vital for dentists.

Get found with Google +

Google Plus is the second largest social network in the world. And if you are at all clued on about SEO you’ll understand its importance. Google is hugely influential, and getting to grips with Google + is priceless for your SEO, as everything you put on your Google + account is immediately indexed by Google.

Compete with bigger businesses

Because Google wants to tailor making ever user search as relevant as possible, it tries to ensure that an audience gets the most relevant information that is online.

When people look for a service, they typically turn to Google maps, particularly if they are new in the area and looking to get orientated.

Generate authority

You’ll also have reviews and ratings, which help you to give your business authority in what may be a competitive market. Local search is also more useful for mobile device users, who are becoming an increasingly large part of the market.

With these reviews you also have an avenue for community management in the event that you want to thank a customer for positive feedback or address a concern in the event of negative feedback.

Ultimately your dental practice needs to integrate Google maps as soon as possible. It is easy to set up, and shows that you have a solid infrastructure in the case that you are looking to sell your dental practice.

Posted on May 12, 2014
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