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How to Make Your Office a Positive Workplace for Your Employees

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“Teamwork makes the dream work,” but how can a leader influence their environment so that it’s an optimal workspace for others? What’s important to remember is that if you cannot build a positive practice and give your patients a positive first experience, you may quickly lose them to your competitors.

A negative practice atmosphere may include a high staff turnover, personal conflict and even a higher incidence of illness. Your employees are your link to your patients and any cracks in your team will be obvious to those who visit.

However, if you can maintain a positive climate in your office, your practice is more likely to flourish. Here a few tips for keeping the atmosphere in your practice on the right track:

Encourage Career Building

There’s a big difference between having a job and building a career, and if you want your employees to be engaged in their work, helping them pave a career is a great way to keep your team moving forward. Show your team the vision you have for the business and keep them informed of any upcoming changes. By keeping your team in the loop, you give them the opportunity to align their personal goals with your expectations.

Lead by Example

Perhaps it goes without saying, but we’ll say it just to be sure: be the change you want to see in your practice. Your team is an extension of you and if you lead in a positive and strong manner, your team will follow your example. The impression you make on your team is a lasting one, so make it a good one. The example you create contributes to the culture you grow in your practice.

Your company culture influences the attitudes of your staff and their behavior. It also affects the harmony of the team, the type of employees you attract, and the levels of stress present in your practice.

Involve Your Employees

One of the tenets of a positive workplace is employee engagement and involvement. For this to happen, the practice owner needs clear and direct communication channels with all employees. Yes, your dental practice staff need to know what their roles and responsibilities are, but more than that, they need to be involved in the bigger picture. They need autonomy in their jobs and the ability to make decisions based on the practice philosophy.

Show Your Appreciation

Paying a regular salary to your employees is the minimum you can do as a leader and practice owner. If you want to engage your employees and make them feel valued, you need to show your appreciation.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Give a note that says how much you appreciate the effort or extra input provided by an employee. Stop by a co-worker’s office to let him or her know how much you appreciate their input and involvement.
  1. Send a small gift to single out someone who has gone the extra mile for the practice. Be sure to let others in the practice know the reason for the gift and that they, too, can earn one. Showing favoritism is not encouraged, but having a special gift as in incentive is a good idea.
  1. Provide a structured bonus and raise plan for your employees based on their performance. Maintaining quarterly reviews for your staff allows you to engage them on a one-on-one basis.

Having a positive attitude, clear objectives, and excellent leadership skills will help you build an exemplary practice that both patients and staff will love.

Posted on Jun 19, 2017
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