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How to Keep Staff Morale Up When Preparing to Sell Your Dental Practice

A+ A- How to Keep Staff Morale Up When Preparing to Sell Your Dental Practice

Planning a dental practice transition is stressful, particularly for any staff members who are employed by the practice. A functional and stable team is a crucial component of a successful dental practice transition, and it’s important that your staff convey a positive message to the world outside your practice walls.

These tips will help your staff make your practice transition a little easier.

Never Underestimate the Power of Preparation

The more notice you can give your staff, the better. Time helps people come to terms with change. Provide your staff with a basic overview of the transition timeline and schedule time to discuss any questions and concerns with your employees.

Also remember that different people adapt to change differently and in different ways. Consider enough time for the slowest adaptors to come to terms with the shift.

Communicate About What is Happening

If you decide to have your practice valued, let your staff know that you are considering selling your practice. You don’t have to divulge every small detail, but your transparency and willingness to discuss your future plans will have a direct bearing on the comfort levels of your staff.

Your staff members want to know where they stand with you, so tell them. Speak about the stuff that matters. Will working hours change? Can you secure the employee’s next raise before your departure?

Manage Your Own Stress Levels

If you find the transition stressful, it’s likely that your staff will sense it. Prepare yourself and make informed choices to cope with the pressures of the transition. If you are on top of things, your team will experience less stress about the process.

Treat Each Staff Member as an Individual

When it is time to make an official announcement, communicate with each team member on a personal level. It is important to acknowledge the individual contributions of each staff member in question.

Take time to discuss the staff member’s job security. Explain how important it is that the practice gets their support during this time of transition. Ask each staff member to support the new practice owner and reassure your employees that the new owner has been properly vetted. Your staff members have trusted your judgment for this long. Now is a good time to speak to that and request its continuation.

Promote the Team Approach

Explain how you have sought out professional support for the transition, and that you have the services of a transition expert, accountant, lawyer, and mentor to assist you.

Posted on Jan 23, 2017
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