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Creative Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice

A+ A- Creative Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice

The current climate is ideal for marketing a dental practice because there are so many avenues available, so many insights, and so many people to reach with your message.

Let’s take a look at how a little creativity can help you reach more patients.

Start Local

Concentrate all your marketing efforts on your locale initially, by reaching out to potential patients in your immediate area. Make sure you have a presence in your community newspapers and magazines. Sponsor and give talks to schools in your area. Optimize your online marketing efforts with a Google Places listing.

Even though it is considered a more traditional form of marketing, some dentists have had great success with direct mail. Have leaflets or brochures printed or deliver your business cards to the neighborhoods around you to stay top of mind.

Harness The Power of Video

Use existing patients to help get your story out there. Ask willing patients questions about why they choose you for their dental care, and what they think you do differently. Record them and have your clips edited to look more professional. You can use your testimonials on your website, on your social channels and, of course, upload them to your YouTube channel.

Consider taking a video of yourself. You can talk about common oral health issues or present a lecture to your target audience regarding what matters most in their age group.

Get Friendlier with Google

As a subject matter expert, you probably have a lot of unique content that search engines would just love to share with their inquisitive customers. Consider putting it to good use with regular blogging that offers readers something deeper and more meaningful than 90% of the other websites out there.

Create a listing on Google My Business and actively ask your patients to start leaving Google Reviews for you.

Use Technology Hacks for Automation

Today, there is plenty of user-friendly technology available that can make running your dental practice much easier. Automate your patients’ recall appointments via email marketing or text messaging. This works because you will see a noticeable reduction in missed appointments when you remind patients when next they are due for a check-up.

Consider inviting prospective patients in for a second opinion. They may have had an assessment for implants or restoration, but perhaps you can offer an alternative approach. Use Google Analytics to identify your most popular website pages and create a pop up or sign up form. Link this to an email marketing or marketing automation program, and send users an introductory email when they join. Again, consider offering free content, tips, or advice so you can establish your dental practice as an industry leader, and build patient loyalty.


Posted on Jan 25, 2016
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