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5 Ways to Increase Productivity For Dentists

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Like any service based business, the productivity of your day-to-day operation has a huge impact on your bottom line, and the valuation of your practice.

For your patients, a notable amount of stress often accompanies dental visits. For them, a short experience is a good experience.

If you spend a second watching your patients in the waiting room you’ll see how anxious most of them are – constantly checking the time, trying to distract themselves from the procedure ahead.

A dentist that can keep them from spending too much time in the waiting room, and make sure procedures are speedy and effective, will soon develop a great reputation.

  1. Time your procedures. A lot of dentists don’t actually bother with this. They roughly estimate how long it will take for the assistant to prep the room, for them to perform the procedure and for administration to finish all processing. This leads to overlaps that leave patients waiting in line.
  1. Be willing to invest in equipment. It is important to invest in new equipment, not just for safety reasons, but because it will improve the efficiency of your practice. You can have your assistant manage the equipment and stay on top of industry trends, so you know when it makes sense to make a purchase.
  1. Train and trust your dental assistants. If you adequately train your staff to do as much as possible you’ll be better able to allocate your time and you’ll have a more competent and reliable team. Make sure you are familiar with state laws that dictate exactly what your staff is allowed to do based on their qualifications.
  1. Master your scheduling. Having a neat appointment book that is easy to navigate, or even digital can prevent a lot of hassle. It’s even worth having patients ‘check-in’ once they get to your practice to determine who are typically no-shows or late comers. This way you can tell them that repeatedly coming late results in a fine – and this will often incentivize them to come on time.
  1. Brush up on your management skills. Effective management means that tasks are delegated properly, everyone knows their role in your practice, and all employees are motivated.

Productivity can ultimately save you a lot of time and stress in your practice.

Consider these five practices and you’ll begin to see noticeable improvements in your bottom line.

Posted on Jul 14, 2014
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